Our Oceans.
Your Future.

Blue Tomorrow™ connects purpose-led people to the blue economy’s ocean of opportunity, helping to create a future that generations will thrive in. 

The ocean is the source of all life on earth. It holds the keys to an equitable and sustainable planet. But the ocean’s ability to support human well-being is at a crossroads. 

Blue Tomorrow is committed to growing a thriving marine environment by helping people find pathways to impactful and rewarding careers in the blue economy. 

The science we need for the ocean we want 

The UN SDGs shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, and the Ocean Decade’s mission for transformative ocean science solutions for sustainable development underpin our design-led approach to learning, research, innovation, and collaboration. 

From New Zealand to the world

What better place to dip your toes into the blue economy than New Zealand? A global leader in sustainability, innovation and education, Blue Tomorrow invites learners to join New Zealand’s mission to lead the world on regenerative solutions to our most pressing challenges.

The Blue Economy

Building a sustainable ocean is one of humanity’s most essential tasks and presents significant opportunities to achieve a globally sustainable future. We need a blue economy – marine activities that generate economic value and contribute positively to ecological, cultural, and social well-being.

Mission-led organisations require talent and leadership with a shared purpose. More people are searching for a career in service of a cause, except the pathways to understand and enter them are unclear. Blue Tomorrow connects purpose-led people to the blue economy’s ocean of opportunity, helping to create a future that generations will thrive in.

Moananui is a collaboration between private firms, public sector entities and knowledge institutions, with the goal of transforming Aotearoa New Zealand into a world-leading ecosystem for developing and commercialising blue economy products, services, technology, research and capability. Moananui focuses on projects that increase value, connect people and improve ocean health. 

Learning with purpose

We partner with leading industry, government, community, research, and education providers to develop innovative online learning experiences that put purpose first, career second and take care of the pathway puzzle. Learners are guided through the blue economy’s mission, careers, and pathways, giving them the confidence to take their next steps towards a financially rewarding career that builds a sustainable and equitable future for humanity and the ocean.


We are researching how useful the pilot course is in helping people find a pathway to an impactful and rewarding career in the blue economy.

We invite you to provide feedback that will help improve this course, and others like it, for future learners.

The Pilot Course